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latest Version Latest Version Released on 17th-JUNE-2024latest Version


latest VersionStandard Edition - Latest version: released on 17th-JUNE-2024

firelatest VersionBusiness Edition - Latest version: released on 1st-JUNE-2024

Standard Edition: Run program as administrator.
  • Software required latest version of Google chrome v126.0.6478.62.
  • Set chrome as the default browser.
  • use .Net Framework 4.6.1 or higher.
  • Windows 10, 11 (32 & 64 bit)
Business Edition: Run program as administrator.

fireStandard Edition v32.0.0.1 Fixed

Google Chrome Driver v126 Bug Fixed - 17th-JUNE-2024

fireBusiness Edition v9.5.0.0 Fixed

Update Server API v2.60.1 🤖 - 1st-JUNE-2024

Standard Edition v31.0.0.1 Fixed

Google Chrome Driver v125 Bug Fixed - 1st-MAY-2024

Standard Edition v30.0.0.1 Fixed

Google Chrome Driver v124 Bug Fixed - 1st-MAY-2024

Business Edition v9.5.0.1 Fixed

Update WA API v2.55.1 🤖 - 1st-MAY-2024

Standard Edition v29.0.0.1 Fixed

Google Chrome Driver v123 Bug Fixed - 06th-APRIL-2024

Business Edition v9.5.0.1 Fixed

Update WebView2 Driver - 21st-MARCH-2024
Update WA API 🤖 - 21st-MARCH-2024

Business Edition v7.5.0.1 Fixed

Update WebView2 Driver - 02nd-FEB-2024
Update OpenAI support API 🤖 - 02nd-FEB-2024
Fixed system buffer bug - 02nd-FEB-2024

Standard Edition v27.0.0.1 Fixed

Google Chrome Driver v121 Bug Fixed - 02nd-FEB-2024

Standard Edition v26.0.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v120 Bug Fixed - 10th-DEC-2023

Standard Edition v25.0.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v119 Bug Fixed - 01st-NOV-2023

Business Edition v7.0.0.3 Fixed

Update API - 18th-OCT-2023
Add OpenAI ChatGPT AutoReply feature - 18th-OCT-2023
Display Chat Not Loading Fixed - 18th-OCT-2023

Standard Edition v22.8.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v118 Bug Fixed - 16th-OCT-2023

Business Edition v6.8.0.1 Fixed

Attachment API BUG Fixed - 24th-SEP-2023

Standard Edition v22.5.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v117 Bug Fixed - 21st-SEP-2023

Standard Edition v22.0.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v116 Bug Fixed - 26th-AUG-2023
Media attachment API Bug Fixed - 26th-AUG-2023

Standard Edition v21.0.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v115 Bug Fixed - 07th-AUG-2023

Standard Edition v20.0.0.1 Fixes

Attachment Related Bug Fixed - 26th-JUNE-2023

Business Edition v6.8.0.1 Fixes

WA Contact Fetch Bug Fixed - 25-JUNE-2023

Business Edition v6.5.0.1 Fixes

Server API Update - 17th-JUNE-2023
Driver Issue Fixed - 17th-JUNE-2023
Login Issue Bug Fixed - 17th-JUNE-2023

Business Edition v6.0.0.1 Fixes

Server API Update - 14th-JUNE-2023

Standard Edition v19.5.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v114 Bug Fixed - 8th-JUNE-2023
Group Grabber Bug Fixed - 8th-JUNE-2023

Standard Edition v19.0.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v113 Bug Fixed - 10th-MAY-2023

Standard Edition v18.5.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v112 Bug Fixed - 14th-APRIL-2023

Business Edition v6.0.0.1 Fixes

Server API Update - 14th-APRIL-2023

Standard Edition v18.0.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v111 Bug Fixed - 25th-MARCH-2023

Standard Edition v17.9.0.0 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v110 Bug Fixed - 12th-FEB-2023

Business Edition v6.0.0.1 Fixes

Server API Bug Fixes - 12th-FEB-2023
Add multiple messages feature - 12th-FEB-2023

Standard Edition v17.5.0.0 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v109 Bug Fixed - 16th-JAN-2023

Standard Edition v17.2.0.0 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v108 Bug Fixed - 05th-DEC-2022

Business Edition v5.5.0.1 Fixes

Server API Bug Fixes - 21st-NOV-2022

Business Edition v5.3.0.1 Fixes

Server API Bug Fixes - 09th-NOV-2022

Standard Edition v17.0.0.1 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v107 Bug Fixed - 29th-NOV-2022

Standard Edition v16.8.0.0 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v106 Bug Fixed - 29th-SEP-2022

Standard Edition v16.6.0.0 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v105 Bug Fixed - 04th-SEP-2022

Standard Edition v16.4.0.0 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v104 Bug Fixed - 11th-AUG-2022
Image caption Bug Fixed - 11th-AUG-2022

Standard Edition v15.9.0.2 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v103 Bug Fixed - 02th-JULY-2022

Standard Edition v15.8.0.1 Fixes

Image Caption text Bug Fixed - 17th-JUNE-2022

Business Edition v1.0.1.0 Fixes

Server API Bug Fixes - 08th-JULY-2022
Add sender multiple profile create feature - 05th-APRIL-2022

Standard Edition v15.7.1.0 Fixes

TURBO MODE WA API Bug Fixed - 11th-JUNE-2022
Number Filter Bug Fixed - 11th-JUNE-2022
Enhance Sending Bug Fixes - 11th-JUNE-2022

Standard Edition v15.0.1.0 Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v102 Bug Fixed - 25th-MAY-2022

Standard Edition v14.3.1.0L Fixes

Google Chrome Driver v101 Bug Fixed - 4th-MAY-2022

Version v14.2.1.0 Fixes

Google Chrome v100 Bug Fixed - 30th-MARCH-2022

Version Fixes

Google Chrome v99 Bug Fixed - 07th-MAR-2022

Version Fixes

Google Chrome v98 Bug Fixed - 03th-FEB-2022

Version Fixes

Image Caption Bug Fixed - 11th-JAN-2022

Version Fixes

Google Chrome v97 Bug Fixed - 07th-JAN-2022

Version Fixes

WA API Bug Fixes - 23th-DEC-2021

Version Fixes

Google Chrome Bug Fixed - 23rd-OCT-2021

Version Fixes

Google Chrome Bug Fixed - 05th-OCT-2021

Version Fixes

Image Caption Bug Fixed - 2nd-SEP-2021
Changing Connection Speed Bug Fixed

Version Fixes

Google Chrome Bug Fixed - 1st -SEP-2021

 Version Fixes

Number Filter Bug Fixed - 20th-JULY-2021
Enhance Sending Bug Fixes
Add Software Theme Option
Add Turbo Mode

Version Fixes

Group Grabber Bug Fixed - 09th-JULY-2021

Version Fixes

Google Chrome Bug Fixed - 27th -MAY-2021

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